Benefits of Z Cell:

+ ZCell delivers 100 per cent cycle depth of discharge

without any risk of battery damage

+ ZCell retains its full 10 kilowatt hours of storage

capacity for its expected life, unlike other battery

types which lose significant storage capacity with age

+ ZCell requires no reserved capacity, unlike other

battery types that reserve a portion of the battery

capacity to avoid damage

+ ZCell presents no fire risk: Its bromide-based

electrolyte is a natural fire retardant while mechanical

damage does not risk explosion or ‘thermal runaway’

+ ZCell operates at temperatures as hot as 50°C without

active cooling

+ ZCell offers unlimited shelf life: You can switch off a

ZCell at any state of charge, hibernate it for extended

periods of time, and then restore it within 60 seconds

+ ZCell has a great recycling story, made with major

components that are easy to recycle or reuse

+ ZCell is Australian-designed and developed

+ Battery manufactured by Flex, North America.