Cable Hauling


Cable Hauling

Apex Cable Hauling division installs various types of cable such as

•    Optical Fibre - Duct Haul
•    Optical Fibre - ADSS (Overhead)
•    Electrical Submains
•    Coaxial - HFC
•    Sub Duct
•    Multi-pair Copper Cable
•    Rod Roping and positive and negative pressure Blowing rope.
•    Emtelle - Blown Fibre 

Apex is accredited to install Microduct cable solutions. 
These include:

•    Fibreflow™ Blown Fibre Mini Cable
•    Fibreflow™ Blown Tube Bundle and Microduct

 Overhead Optical Fibre Cable Hauling

Apex successfully managed the deployment of over 45Km’s of ADSS Optical Fibre Cable on Power poles in Berri , Murray Bridge and Port Pirie for AGILE Communications in Q3 and Q4 2009.

Apex Wireless

Apex Wireless

Mobile Sites

  • Installation of Node B and MER’s .
  • Installation of associated copper cabling and frames
  • MDF / POI terminations.
  • Installation of DC power supplies and alarm management.
  • Commission equipment and software upgrades
  • Modifications and installation of cable trays.
  • Small Rigging crew for installation of Feeders and Antenna with associated hardware.
  • Civils – Ladder Tray , Concrete Slabs, Gland Plates etc.


  • Project Management of Wimax Networks in conjunction with Internode.
  • Site Surveys for WIMAX and LTE services
  • Installation of Wimax CPE and Headend Equipment
  • Installation of LTE CPE and Core Equipment


 Point to Point 

  • Installation of point to point wireless services.

 Wireless Access Points

  • Site Survey of Wifi Installations
  • Installation of all types of WAPS - Wireless Access Points (PoE and Direct Power)
  • Installation of wireless access point for mobile equipment service.

WIRELESS Communication Network Builds

 Mobile Network
  • Civil Construction
  • Tower and Steel Construction
  • RF | Equipment Installations
  • AC and DC Power Infrastructure
Radio Network
  • Civil Construction
  • Tower and Steel Construction
  • UHF , VHF Antenna and Equipment Installations
  • AC and DC Power Infrastructure



  • Programmed Maintenance
  • Guyed Tower Tensioningand Testing
  • Fault Analysis and Repair Specialists
  • Equipment swap-out
  • LTE and WiMAX replacement
  • CPE replacement and testing

Optical Fibre Builds

Optical Fibre Builds


Our staff has experience in the design and project management of construction projects across various fibre optic networks.

We offer a full AutoCad design service to clients. Our Design people are fully trained and accredited. 

We offer clients a complete construction service with installed plant surveyed to compatible standards for Dial Before You DIg.

Land Access Approvals

We are fully conversant with the current requirements of the Land Access procedure and offer this as part of our complete Design and

Construction service for both rural and metro projects. We will undertake any negotiations required with relevant authorities and

interested parties under the Land Access Code for telecommunications carriers, either in conjunction with or on behalf of our clients. 

Civil Work

•    Horizontal Boring 
•    Open Trenching
•    Pit and Pipe
•    Direct Plough
•    Service Locations 
•    Building Entries

Fusion Splicing

•    Optical Fibre Joint Installations (FOSC and FIST)
•    Building Termination Trays
•    Cutovers of Optical Fibre Services on outages.
•    OTDR testing
•    Light power source metering 
•    Optical Fibre Budget Loss Calculations
•    Workbooks for tested circuits

TESTING and Commissioning

  • Testing Optical Fibre Cables via
  • OTDR
  • LPS - Light Power Source Meter
  • Workbook with 2 way average losses
  • Optical Fibre Budget loss calculations for design and build
  • Fault location detection and analysis

DSLAM Construction

DSLAM Construction

  • Internal TEBA Builds.
  • Installation of Carrier Racks.
  • Installation of 128pr and 32pr copper cables.
  • MDF and DDF terminations.
  • Installation of DC supply within Racks for A and B feeds.
  • TEBA suite extensions (light, power and super structure).
  • MDF extensions.
  • Installation of equipment (Switches, DSLAM’s etc)
  • Site Surveys
  • DCP - Design and Construction Packages.
  • Client Liaison to Telstra
  • External DSLAM Builds
  • Turnkey Solutions interconnecting DSLAM equipment to Telstra exchanges
  • Backhaul installations
  • Active Switch Programming and Commissioning

Data Centres

Data Centres

Data Centre Construction , Adds , Moves and Changes


  • Installation of cable pathways - Fibre Guide and cable trays
  • Installation of Equipment Cabinets
  • DC Power Systems installations.
  • UPS Installation
  • Redundant Dual Power Supplies.
  • Generator Power Supplies.
  • Environmental Alarms.
  • Patching Racks
  • UTP Infrastructure
  • Optical Fibre Infrastructure - OMX and HDOFDF
  • Record Keeping