Z Cell Batteries




Z Cell Batteries



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How does a ZCell work?

How does a ZCell work?


How does a Z Cell work?

ZCell is a flow battery, a new type of energy storage

system without the overhead or degradation problems

that can impact the performance of legacy battery types

such as lithium-based or lead acid.

ZCell contains about 100 litres of a water-based zinc

bromide salt solution circulating in two separate hydraulic

circuits. In short, energy is stored by moving zinc around

inside the battery. When charging, zinc is extracted

from the zinc bromide solution and stored on a plastic

membrane. During discharge, zinc is released back to the

solution. With ZCell, there is no degradation to the battery

when the zinc is removed from the plastic membrane

at the end of each cycle, giving it a sustained, long-life

energy storage capacity.



What are the benefits of ZCell ?

What are the benefits of ZCell ?

Benefits of Z Cell:

+ ZCell delivers 100 per cent cycle depth of discharge

without any risk of battery damage

+ ZCell retains its full 10 kilowatt hours of storage

capacity for its expected life, unlike other battery

types which lose significant storage capacity with age

+ ZCell requires no reserved capacity, unlike other

battery types that reserve a portion of the battery

capacity to avoid damage

+ ZCell presents no fire risk: Its bromide-based

electrolyte is a natural fire retardant while mechanical

damage does not risk explosion or ‘thermal runaway’

+ ZCell operates at temperatures as hot as 50°C without

active cooling

+ ZCell offers unlimited shelf life: You can switch off a

ZCell at any state of charge, hibernate it for extended

periods of time, and then restore it within 60 seconds

+ ZCell has a great recycling story, made with major

components that are easy to recycle or reuse

+ ZCell is Australian-designed and developed

+ Battery manufactured by Flex, North America.

Will I lose my Solar Feed-in Tariff?

Will I lose my Solar Feed-in Tariff?

Not necessarily! Most Solar Feed-in Tariff’s require that you

do not expand your existing solar panel setup or upgrade

your solar inverter. They also require that you only feed

energy into the grid directly from your solar panels. Most

battery inverter/chargers can be configured to stop your

battery sending energy to the grid. Instead, ZCell will deliver

its stored energy only to your house for self-consumption

of locally generated energy.





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Warranty for 10 kilowatt hour (kWh) ZBM2 and ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries is now 10 years.

Previously, Redflow warranted the electrode stack in its batteries for 10 years or 36,500 kilowatt hour (kWh) output, whichever came first, and for three years for auxiliary components such as electrolyte tanks and pumps.

Redflow’s entire battery is now covered by the 10-year/36,500kWh warranty, which aligns it with emerging industry standard warranties for residential and commercial energy storage systems.