Our staff has experience in the design and project management of construction projects across various fibre optic networks.

We offer a full AutoCad design service to clients. Our Design people are fully trained and accredited. 

We offer clients a complete construction service with installed plant surveyed to compatible standards for Dial Before You DIg.

Land Access Approvals

We are fully conversant with the current requirements of the Land Access procedure and offer this as part of our complete Design and

Construction service for both rural and metro projects. We will undertake any negotiations required with relevant authorities and

interested parties under the Land Access Code for telecommunications carriers, either in conjunction with or on behalf of our clients. 

Civil Work

•    Horizontal Boring 
•    Open Trenching
•    Pit and Pipe
•    Direct Plough
•    Service Locations 
•    Building Entries

Fusion Splicing

•    Optical Fibre Joint Installations (FOSC and FIST)
•    Building Termination Trays
•    Cutovers of Optical Fibre Services on outages.
•    OTDR testing
•    Light power source metering 
•    Optical Fibre Budget Loss Calculations
•    Workbooks for tested circuits

TESTING and Commissioning

  • Testing Optical Fibre Cables via
  • OTDR
  • LPS - Light Power Source Meter
  • Workbook with 2 way average losses
  • Optical Fibre Budget loss calculations for design and build
  • Fault location detection and analysis